Fencing Manufacturers Creating New Garden Fencing in Cheltenham | Ideas for a New Garden Fence

A & L Waring is an expert fencing manufacturer based in Cheltenham, offering incredible value for supply-only fencing. Since 1965, our small family-run fencing company has been helping domestic customers in Gloucestershire create their dream garden for their homes. 

Our core services include:

  • Residential Garden Fencing

  • Wooden Garden Gates

  • New Garden Sheds and Garden Shed Installation

  • Supply of Fencing Materials (Wooden Fencing)

If you’re interested in our new garden fencing, timber garden gates or garden shed installations, use our contact information to get in touch. If you would like more insight from past customers, our testimonials page will tell you all you need to know. 


Ideas for Residential Garden Fencing from an Experienced Fencing Company

With over 50 years of experience as a fencing manufacturer, we would like to share with you some ideas for new garden fencing for your Cheltenham property.

Make a Feature of Your Fencing

If you want to add a bit of creative flare to your garden, you can design a garden fence that stands out like a feature wall. This could involve choosing a distinctive style of fencing or painting your fence in a bold colour so it becomes hard to ignore. You could also use a patterned panel within your fence that functions as a focal point.

Colour Continuity

Some of our customers may be interested in combining new residential garden fencing with timber garden gates or even new garden sheds. It can be tempting for certain people to choose different gate and fencing materials to suit each new element in their garden. On the other hand, it can also be beneficial to use the same colour tones or materials for them so there’s a more consistent theme to your outdoor space. This uniformity can help your new fencing or wooden garden gates blend effortlessly into their surroundings. This could benefit those looking to upgrade their property before selling it, as prospective buyers could be less interested in a mixed-match approach to colour schemes in the garden area.

Zoning Your Garden

Although a lot of new garden fencing is used to mark out the boundaries of a property, it can also be used to zone your garden into different sections. As a long-serving fencing manufacturer, we can make amazing-looking wooden fencing that you could use to mark out a neat and defined space for an allotment, a flower bed or a children’s play area. You can combine this with the use of timber garden gates made from matching gate and fencing materials. New garden sheds can also be installed in a space like this too if you wish to separate your garden storage from the rest of your Cheltenham property.

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