Fencing Materials in Cheltenham and Nearby Areas of Gloucestershire

A & L Waring is a small family-run business in Cheltenham that has operated as a reliable fencing manufacturer for over half a century. Since 1965, we’ve used various fencing materials to produce great-quality handmade products. As reputable fencing material suppliers, we offer excellent savings on supply-only fences, allowing you to get amazing fencing for your home at an affordable price. 

As an extension of our work manufacturing fencing, we also build new garden sheds and wooden gates for domestic clients. If our wooden fencing, sheds, or gates interest you, please contact us to discuss your needs.


Highly Regarded Fencing Material Suppliers in Gloucestershire | Our Wooden Fencing Materials

With all our years as a fencing manufacturer, A & L Waring knows that it’s important to offer our clients in Cheltenham a variety of options. 

Our range of wooden fencing materials includes the following options:

  • Spruce Fencing

  • Pine Fencing

  • Softwood Fencing

  • Fir Tree Fencing

  • Elm Tree Fencing

  • Larch Wood Fencing 

All the wood we use to make our fencing is UK-sourced and blends in naturally with the greenery in the Gloucestershire area.

In addition to the different types of wood that we acquire, we also stock the following components for our fences, gates and sheds:

  • Wooden and Concrete Fence Posts

  • Wooden Fence Caps

  • Wooden Post Caps

  • Decorative or Plain Caps

  • uPVC Plastic Posts

  • Screws

  • Hinges

  • Brackets

  • Locks

  • Bolts

  • Padlocks

  • Key Locks

Our Fencing Service

As a long-serving fencing manufacturer in Cheltenham, we can provide a complete service for our clients. We use our range of fencing materials to build fences based on your unique specifications. Whatever shape and size you need for your property, we can batch-make it upon your request. We offer a delivery service for all our products for those based in the local area. However, if you’re looking for the best value for money on your new fence, gate or shed, we offer discounts for supply-only products, which you can arrange to collect at your convenience. All deliveries are completed by flatbed lorry or truck at a date and time that suits you best.

We mainly make our products out of softwood, although we have also previously created projects out of hardwood such as oak. The softwood used to make out softwood fencing is harvested from evergreen, coniferous trees such as pine and fern trees. It’s softer than hardwood, so it’s easier to work with and is usually ready to harvest after 40 years, making it a great cost-effective fencing option. What softwood lacks in durability compared to hardwood can be made up by regularly applying protective treatments to extend its life span to a comparable length. Naturally much lighter in colour, softwood fencing can be painted and stained to offer more styling options. 

We supply fencing materials for a range of properties, including:

Please call us today on 01242 241818 and order your new or replacement fence panels, posts, sheds and garden rooms. If we can build it, we will.

For quality fencing materials from a reputable fencing manufacturer based in Cheltenham, call A & L Waring LLP today on 01242 241818
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